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ok folks that theme completely FAILED!!! you all SUCK! (except people with excuses, and by people i mean person)

ok well guys since all we do in this community is themes you kinda have to DO them because tahts the concept of the community

so i'll make a new one tommorrow or something

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k sooo

the theme was SUPPOSD to be due todayy!

SINCE that didnt work AND no one voted

DO THE THEME (which is orange) NOW!!!

have it in by friday

and instead of commenting on the entry to vote
we will just have a recap entry where you vote for the 1 that you think is best

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the first theme is....ORANGE

so everyone take a picture or two of you and...orange

and then post them and everyone else vote between 1-5 (1 worst-5 best)in a comment on the entry

and then we will add them up next wendsday night and someone will win!